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Loving Julian

I hope one day in the future I can tell the story of us to my kids, and they can look at you and say “is it all true daddy, is that how you met mommy?”♥

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#cheating #dishonesty #player #games #relationships #pain #hurt #rejection #love  (Taken with Instagram)

#cheating #dishonesty #player #games #relationships #pain #hurt #rejection #love (Taken with Instagram)

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Relationships are harder now because conversations became texting , arguments became phone calls , feelings became subliminal messages online . Sex became easy , the word “love” gets used out of context , insecurities have become your way of thinking . Getting jealous became a habit , trust has been lost , cheating became an accident , leaving became the only option & being hurt became natural

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Guys I didn’t do this! I actually love my boyfriend. This is from a website. Postsecret.com

Guys I didn’t do this! I actually love my boyfriend. This is from a website. Postsecret.com

Burning Bridge! (Poem for Eng 495)

Striving for perfection headed in the wrong direction

mind at a pause losing this election

Circles and spins close to lonely again

The flickering the flashing the gloomy lights passing..

I’ve seen this freeway before..

Obscured and waiting

Only supporting it cause I’m not into hating

Trinkles and drops, wetness watering the crops

Have you heard of the fiery tree


Honey that’s the fire burning in me Ill never sleep cause ill never forget

The only time ever thinking of you as some type of hypocrit..

Still trying to put this all to terms, but between the learning and burning, burning and learning I actually know nothing!

The ending, no defending, the aloneness within Trying to decide why I can’t end this with my autographed -Fin

It must be the tears from all this hurt and pain I don’t know if I can carry this burden again…

Just help me, Lord… I’m Lost

I finally arrived at it, -Fin